'ND Pegasus' Great Northern Bean (RFP-314)


ND Pegasus is the result of a cross Lariat / G07302 made in 2009. Lariat is popular pinto cultivar released in 2008 by North Dakota State University with very high seed yield potential, semi-upright architecture, and good seed quality. Breeding line G07302 is from Michigan State University and was obtained from a cross of G02646/AN37. AN37 is a well-known source of resistance to white mold. G02646 is an upright GN line also from Michigan State University with good agronomic traits (J. Kelly, pers. comm.).

ND Pegasus has upright architecture (type IIa) with medium-short vines. Under North Dakota conditions, ND Pegasus shows significant higher seed yield compared with other GN cultivars commonly used in the region, average plant height is 71 cm, seed size is 36.8 g per 100 seeds, and matures in approximately 103 days. ND Pegasus has white flowers and based on greenhouse and DNA marker data, it is resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV). Given its pedigree, and as shown in greenhouse evaluations, ND Pegasus has intermediate resistance to white mold. ND Pegasus has excellent seed (shape and size), larger than most commercial cultivars commonly grown in the region. ND Pegasus has acceptable canning quality based on some pilot testing. Other agronomic traits of economic importance such as seed shape/size, days to flower and maturity are within commercial acceptable ranges.

This variety is protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act of 1970 as amended in 1994 (“PVPA”). The PVPA prohibits, among other things, the propagation, multiplication, production, sale, use or advertisement of this protected variety without either an assignment or license from the NDSU Research Foundation. 

To ensure genetic purity, 'ND Pegasus' has been protected under PVPA Title V (certificate no. 201900176) and must be sold as a class of certified seed..

Additional data in brochure:

  • Table 1: Minnesota/North Dakota data for seed yield
  • Table 2, 3: Minnesota/North Dakota data for seed weight, days to flower, days to maturity, plant height, CBB, and canning quality
  • Table 4: White mold screening 


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