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Electronics & Sensors Technologies

Continuous Synthesis of Si Nano-Crystals using Liquid Silanes (RFT-454)

Silicon Thin Films with Embedded Heteroatoms (RFT-449)

Roll-to-Roll Synthesis of Silicon Thin Films from Liquid Silanes (RFT-447)

Biodegradable Soil Sensors that can be "Planted" with a Seed Mixture (RFT-428)

Antenna-less RFID Tags Enable Use on Metal and Liquid-Filled Containers (RFT-375)
Contactless Laser-Assisted Placement of Discrete Electronic Components (RFT-370)
Rapid and Scalable Synthesis of Homogenous and Functionalizable Nanospheres that Resist Agglomeration (RFT-351)
Organometallic Materials with Unique Optical Properties (RFT-344)
Self-Organizing, Adaptive, Wireless Multi-Electrode Cardiac Pacing System (RFT-338)
Micro Cold Spray Enables Fine Features without the Heat (RFT-336)
Electrospinning Process and Compositions for High Volume Silicon Nanowire Production (RFT-311)
Asynchronous Cellular Automaton Provides Benefits Over Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (RFT-256)
Novel "Carrier Gas" Sensitizers for Improved Laser Ablation Performance of Coating Films (RFT-178)
Chromophore and Polymer Capable of Detecting the Presence of Various Neurotoxins (RFT-160/161)
Radiation-Curable Sensitizers for Improved Laser Ablation Performance (RFT-153)
Organometallic Single Source Precursors for Aluminum Oxide & Inorganic Coatings (RFT-65)
On-The-Go Sensor Reads Sugar Content During Harvest (RFT-44)
Deposition of Amorphous Silicon Films and Printed, Flexible Electronic Circuits (RFT-39)
Optical Sensor for Analyzing a Stream of an Agricultural Product to Determine its Makeup (RFT-30)