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Chemistry and Materials Technologies

Novel Monomers from Biomass (RFT-478)

Novel Photodegradable Polymers (RFT-477)

Acrylic Monomers Derived from Plant Oils - Synthesis and Use in High Value Polymers (RFT-462)

Continuous Synthesis of Si Nano-Crystals using Liquid Silanes (RFT-454)

Silicon Thin Films with Embedded Heteroatoms (RFT-449)

Roll-to-Roll Synthesis of Silicon Thin Films from Liquid Silanes (RFT-447)

Plant Oil-Based Reactive Diluents for Coating and Composite Applications (RFT-438)

Removal and Recovery of Phosphate, Selenium, and Arsenic from Water, w/ Potential Reuse as Fertilizers (RFT-430_431)

Removal and Recovery of Phosphate from Water Bodies and Reuse as a Fertilizer (RFT-419)

Vegetable Oil-Based Polymers for Nanoparticle Surface Modification (RFT-413)

Novel PEGylated Compounds and Process for Making Antifouling/Biocompatible Materials (RFT-380) 

High Performance, Bio-based Polyamides for Injection Moldable Products (RFT-368, RFT-452)
Rapid and Scalable Synthesis of Homogenous and Functionalizable Nanospheres that Resist Agglomeration (RFT-351)
Organometallic Materials with Unique Optical Properties (RFT-344)
Routes for Superior Synthesis of Cyclohexasilane (RFT-325)
Efficient Processes to Produce Polyalkylated Oligo-ethyl-polyamines (RFT-324)
Polymers Derived From Plant Oil Exhibit Increased Crosslink Density, Superior Properties (RFT-318)
Electrospinning Process and Compositions for High Volume Silicon Nanowire Productions (RFT-311) 

Improved Electrical Properties of Boron-rich Films for Semiconductors Devices (RFT-299)
Fibers From Agricultural Waste used as Reinforcement in Commodity Thermoplastics (RFT-278)
Composition and Method of Forming Functionalized Cyclohexasilanes (RFT-265)

Low Band Gap Polymers (RFT-237)

Novel Polyurethane/Epoxy Hybrid Coatings (RFT-219)
Modified Glycidyl Carbamate Resins Exhibiting Superior Mechanical Properties (RFT-226)

Chromophore and Polymer Capable of Detecting the Presence of Various Neurotoxins (RFT-160/161)
Novel Chemotherapeutic Agents for Anti-Tumor and Anti-Cancer Drugs (RFT-72)
Method of Preparing Aminofunctional Alkoxy Polysiloxanes (RFT-71)
Organometallic Single Source Precursors to Make Other Inorganic Coatings (RFT-65)

Deposition of Amorphous Silicon Films and Printed, Flexible Electronic Circuits (RFT-39)

Method of Preparation of B-Amino Acids (RFT-28)

Method of Preparation of Carboxylic Acids (RFT-11)

Method for Redistribution of Trichlorosilane (RFT-02)