'Carpio' Durum (RFP-205)



'Carpio' was developed by the NDSU Durum Breeding Program and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2012. 'Carpio' was selected from a cross between two NDSU durum experimental lines D95580 and D95595. 'Carpio' durum is named for the northwest North Dakota town of Carpio in Ward County.

'Carpio' has been given an overall quality rating of “Excellent” by the NDSU Cereal Chemists. The overall quality rating is based on agronomic, milling, and pasta processing performance. 'Carpio' has very good protein content and has the highest mixograph, gluten index, and firmness scores among NDSU’s varieties. Therefore 'Carpio' has very good yield potential that is combined with excellent quality.

The scab tolerance of 'Carpio' is close to that of 'Divide' which is slightly better than 'Grenora', 'Alkabo', 'Lebsock', 'Mountrail', and 'Pierce'. 'Carpio' has a moderate level of resistance to foliar diseases which is similar to 'Divide' and 'Mountrail'.

To help ensure genetic purity, ‘Carpio’ durum is protected under the Plant Variety Protection (PVP Certificate No. 201300089) under Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

For more information about 'Carpio' and other durum varieties, contact the NDSU durum breeder or small grains agronomist at 701-231-7971.


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