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Biology and Medicine Technologies

Targeted Delivery and Rapid Release of Anti-Cancer Drugs in Tumors (RFT-470)

Peptide Therapeutic Candidate for Treating Conditions Caused by gamma-Herpesvirsus (RFT-456)

Artificial Mandible Test Bed and Composition for Bone Replacement (RFT-444)

Anti-RAGE Monoclonal and Potential Treatment of Sustained Inflammation in Multiple Disease (RFT-432)

Improved Ankle Replacement Device and Method (RFT-427)

Novel Quality Control Assay for Detection of Oversulfated Chondroitin Sulfate in Heparin (RFT-414)
Novel PEGylated Compounds and Process for Making Antifouling/Biocompatible Materials (RFT-380)
Rapid and Scalable Synthesis of Homogenous and Functionalizable  Nanospheres that Resist Agglomeration (RFT-351)
Self-Organizing, Adaptive, Wireless Multi-Electrode Cardiac Pacing System (RFT-338)

Linear Glycidyl Carbamate (GC) Resins for Highly Flexible Coatings (RFT-271)

Drug Delivery Vehicle for Treatment of Glaucoma and Other Eye Diseases (RFT-263)
‘Dual Action’ Anti-Microbial Coatings For Implantable Medical Devices (RFT-260)
Antibacterial Siloxane Polymer Containing Tethered Anti-Microbial Agent (RFT-232)
Unique Anti-Fouling and Anti-Microbial Coatings for Marine Applications (RFT-214)

Novel Environment Friendly Coatings for Marine and Medical Applications (RFT-179)
Novel Chemotherapeutic Agents for Anti-Tumor and Anti-Cancer Drugs (RFT-72)
Method of Preparation of ß-Amino Acids (RFT-28)
Prophylactic, Therapeutic, and Diagnostic Remedy for Treatment of Colibacillosis Infection (RFT-21)