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Agricultural Technologies Available for Licensing

Biodegradable Soil Sensors that can be "Planted" with a Seed Mixture (RFT-428)

Removal and Recovery of Phosphate, Selenium, and Arsenic from Water, w/ Potential Reuse as Fertilizers (RFT-430_431)

Removal and Recovery of Phosphate from Water Bodies and Reuse as a Fertilizer (RFT-419)

Vegetable Oil-Based Polymers for Nanoparticle Surface Modification (RFT-413)
High-pH Oil Based Adjuvant Compositions for Enhancing Efficacy of Pesticides (RFT-87)  
Adjuvant Blend for Enhancing Efficacy of Pesticides (RFT-81)

Potato UDP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase Gene Promoters and Their Uses (RFT-50)  

On-The-Go Sensor for Determining Sugar Content During Harvesting (RFT-44)

Optical Sensor for Analyzing a Stream of an Agricultural Product (RFT-30)

DNA Encoding an Avian E. Coli ISS and Avian E. Coli ISS Polypeptide (RFT-21)

NDSU Barley Varieties Available for Licensing

'Conlon' - two rowed barley (ND 13299) (RFP-32)
'Stellar-ND' - six rowed barley (ND16301) (RFP-120)
'Rawson' - two-rowed barley (ND19119) (RFP-127)

'Pinnacle' - two-rowed barley (2ND21863) (RFP-141)

NDSU Corn Inbred Varieties Available for Licensing

ND278 Corn Inbred (RFP-20B)

ND291 Corn Inbred (RFP-111)

ND2000 Corn Inbred (RFP-112)

NDL Corn Population (RFP-125)

ND2006 Corn Inbred (RFP-146)

ND2005 Corn Inbred (RFP-147)

ND2003 Corn Inbred (RFP-149)

ND2001 Corn Inbred (RFP-151)

NDEarlyS21c Corn Population (RFP-152)

NDEarlyS21a Corn Population (RFP-153)

ND1011 Corn Population (RFP-154)

ND400 Corn Inbred (RFP-176)

ND2007 Corn Inbred  (RFP-183)

ND2008 Corn Inbred  (RFP-184)

ND2009 Corn Inbred (RFP-185)

ND2010 Corn Inbred (RFP-186)

ND2011 Corn Inbred (RFP-187)

ND Corn Inbred  (RFP-188)

ND2013 Corn Inbred  (RFP-189)

ND2014 Corn Inbred (RFP-190)

ND2015 Corn Inbred (RFP-191)

ND47 Corn Inbred (RFP-192)

'ND290' Corn Inbred (RFP-193)

'ND2016' Corn Inbred (RFP-199)

'ND2017' Corn Inbred (RFP-200)

'ND2018' Corn Inbred (RFP-201)

'ND2019' Corn Inbred (RFP-202)

'ND2020' Corn Inbred (RFP-203)

'ND250' Corn Inbred (RFP-211)

'ND252" Corn Inbred (RFP-212)

'ND264' Corn Inbred (RFP-213)

NDSHLC(FS-M)C5 corn population (RFP-227)

NDSCD(FS-CS)C2 corn population (RFP-228)

NDSM(M-FS)C9 corn population (RFP-229)

NDSUEarlyGEM3 corn population (RFP-230)

NDSU EarlyGEM4 corn population (RFP-231)

NDSUEarlyGEM5 corn population (RFP-232)

NDSUEarlyGEM10 corn population (RFP-233)

NDSUEarlyGEM21a corn population (RFP-234)

NDSU EarlyGEM21b corn population (RFP-235)

NDSU EarlyGEM21c corn population (RFP-236)

NDSUEarlyGEM22a corn population (RFP-237)

NDSUEarlyGEM22b corn population (RFP-238)

NDSUEarlyGEM26 corn population (RFP-239)

NDSS Syn2 corn population (RFP-240)

NDCG(FS)C1 Syn4 corn population (RFP-241)

NDBS21(R-T)C9 Syn2 corn population (RFP-242)

NDBS22(R-T1)C9 Syn2 corn population (RFP-243)

Leaming(S-FS)C6 Syn2 corn population (RFP-244)

NDL Syn2 corn population (RFP-245)

NDSU Durum Varieties Available for Licensing

'Alkabo' Durum (RFP-128)
'Divide' Durum (RFP-129)
'Grenora' Durum (RFP-130)

'Tioga' Durum (RFP-171)

'Carpio' Durum (RFP-205)

NDSU Edible Bean Varieties Available for Licensing

'Eclipse' Black Turtle Bean RFP-115

'Lariat" Pinto Bean RFP-156
'Stampede' Pinto Bean RFP-157
'ND-307" Pinto Bean RFP-158

'Avalanche' Navy Bean RFP-159

'Rio Rojo' - small red bean (NDZ06249) (RFP-198)

NDSU Flax Variety Available for Licensing

'Carter' Flax (RFP-118)

NDSU Oat Varieties Available for Licensing

'Hi-Fi' Oats (RFP-84)
'Beach' Oats (RFP-108)
'Souris' Oats (RFP-133)
'Rockford' Oats (RFP-166)
'Newburg' Oats (RFP-179)

'Jury' Oats (RFP-197)

NDSU Potato Varieties Available for Licensing

'Goldrush' Potato (RFP-01)
'NorValley' Potato (RFP-26)

'NorDonna' Potato (RFP-27)

'Dakota Pearl' Potato (RFP-49)

'Dakota Rose' Potato (RFP-54)

'Dakota Jewel' Potato (RFP-119)

'Dakota Crisp' Potato (RFP-124)

'Dakota Diamond' Potato (RFP-132)

'Dakota Trailblazer' Potato (RFP-169)

'Dakota Russet' Potato (RFP-208)

 NDSU Soybean Varieties Available for Licensing

'Traill' Soybean (RFP-34)

'Sheyenne' Soybean (RFP-142)

'Cavalier' Soybean (RFP-160)

'Ashtabula' Soybean (RFP-163)

NDSU Wheat Varieties Available for Licensing

'Steele-ND' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-98)

'Glenn' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-121)

'Howard' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-134)

'Faller' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-144)

'ND901CL Plus' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-161)

'Mott' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-164)

'Barlow' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-165)

'Prosper' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-180)

'Velva' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-181)

'Elgin-ND' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-207)



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