Use of Patient Vital Sign Data for Preventing Medical Errors

Invention Summary

Medical errors are often due to patient misidentification. This technology leverages an artificial intelligence (AI)-based system that utilizes patient vital sign data to prevent misidentification. The system uses a gradient descent expert system (GDES) network to analyze vital signs such as heart rate, end-tidal carbon dioxide, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. By comparing current and historical vital sign data, the system identifies potential misidentifications, alerting healthcare providers to discrepancies.

Patient in hospital bed surrounded by monitoring equipment | NDSU Research Foundation


  • Enhanced Patient Safety-reduces the risk of medical errors due to misidentification.
  • Automated Alerts-provides real-time alerts for potential misidentifications, enabling prompt corrective action.
  • Cost Reduction-minimizes financial losses associated with denied claims and liability from misidentification errors.


  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Medical Software Industry


This technology has a U.S. Patent Pending and is available for licensing/partnering opportunities.


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