High Performance, Bio-based Polyamides for Injection Moldable Products (RFT-452)

Invention Summary

Scientists at NDSU have discovered a method for making a family of thermoplastics for injection molding that are based, in part, on renewable resources. Unlike other bio-based polyamides, these possess the high melting temperatures, fast crystallization rates, low moisture uptake, and good mechanical properties associated with engineering thermoplastics. These polymers can be used to replace the petroleum-based nylon 66 and nylon 6, and other semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastics, for high end injection molding applications such as the electronic and automotive parts where heat tolerance is needed.



  • Green Technology - Largely based on materials derived from renewable resources such as plant oils and sugars
  • Produce a range of different plastics with different properties by adjusting the ratios of the monomers used in polymerization
  • Absorb less than 1% water by weight enabling excellent dimensional and mechanical property stability
  • High melting temperature, fast crystallization rate and good mechanical properties
  • Fast crystallization enables short injection molding cycle-times
  • High melting temperature enables applications in high temperature environments such as automotive under-the-hood applications and electronic applications
  • Dramatically lower moisture absorption compared to  Nylon 6,6 and nylon 6
  • Good thermal stability that provides processing robustness for injection molding
  • Relatively high glass transition temperatures, which provide good dimensional stability and creep resistance


  • Metal replacement application in the automotive and electronics industries
  • Bio-based replacements for petroleum-based engineering thermoplastics


These technologies deal with composition of matter and methods of manufacturing and is the subject of the Issued US Patent 9765186 and is available for licensing/partnering opportunities.


NDSU Research Foundation


RFT, 452, RFT452 

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