Northern Herald® Eastern Redbud - Cercis canadensis 'Pink Trim' (RFM-56)


pink flowersA clonal selection was collaboratively released by NDSU and Greg Morgenson, former manager, Lincoln-Oakes Nurseries, Bismarck, ND of a mature Eastern Redbud growing in central South Dakota. This dense, round-headed tree has proven to be winterhardy at this Northern Plains site for at least 40 years. Northern Herald® is characterized by quality pink flowers, including proliferous production of flowers. Propagules of the tree are flowering well in Nebraska and two North Dakota test sites. The quality of its green, leathery-textured, cordate-shaped leaves is also above average for this species. Fruit (pod) set is markedly reduced from the species norm. Other northern seed sources and named cultivars of Redbud evaluated at North Dakota research sites have not performed satisfactorily due to insufficient winter hardiness.

The introduction of Northern Herald® has potential to extend the range of this small, 20' ornamental landscape tree further north. Tip dieback may occur after very harsh winters, primarily on new growth of juvenile plants. However, as trees age and produce less vigorous, more hardened growth, they tend to outgrow this problem. Avoid overwatering, and especially, fertilizing trees in summer and fall. Selection of more favorable, protected planting sites, including snow cover and/or providing additional mulch depth the first 3 to 4 winters may also reduce possible winter injury.

Northern Herald® may be propagated most effectively by side grafting, T-budding or tissue culture. Wholesale nurseries are encouraged to propagate this cultivar and thereby assist to further ascertain its potential adaptation range in northern regions. USDA hardiness zone 3b-4.

Potential Uses or Applications

Nursery stock, shade, park, and landscape specimen tree

Development Stage

Plant propagation material can be obtained from NDSU Plant Sciences Department.

Patent Status

U.S. Trademark registered Northern Herald®

Licensing Status

This cultivar is available for non-exclusive licensing.

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