Northern Tribute® River Birch - Betula nigra ‘Dickinson' (RFM-43)



An outstanding landscape specimen with its upright rounded habit and ivory bark exfoliating to copper-bronze. Northern Tribute® has shown superior adaptability to stresses of the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains. It has shown no signs of winter injury or iron chlorosis in alkaline soils and has performed well in compacted, dry soils, which is extremely atypical of the species and other selected cultivars. Northern Tribute®'s abilities to perform well in compacted, dry soils will greatly open the landscape possibilities of this species.


USDA hardiness zone 3-9

Mature Size:

Height: 35' Spread: 30'

Form (Shape):

Upright oval form.

Growth Rate:

Moderate to fast.


Summer: Lustrous medium to dark green with doubly serrated margin.
Autumn: Yellow with high quality foliage.




Slender catkins, no ornamental value.


Small nutlet, no ornamental value.

Special Features:

Ivory colored bark exfoliates to copper-bronze.

Light Preferences:

Full sun.

Soil Preferences:

Prefers moist well-drained soil but performs well in compacted, dry soils. It is pH tolerant including alkaline soils.


Tissue culture and/or softwood cuttings.

Ornamental Attributes:

Upright oval habit is maintained which is different from the rounded habit of species. The ivory colored with striking coppery-bronze exfoliating bark which contrasts to add landscape interest.

Landscape Attributes:

Recommended as a landscape specimen tree in more open areas, not limited to moist soils. Many seed sources of River Birch suffer winter injury in zone 3 and also may die from iron chlorosis in alkaline pH soils, Northern Tribute® has shown no signs of winter injury or iron chlorosis in alkaline soils.


Seedling selection from western North Dakota from the largest tree of this species observed in the upper Northern Plains.

Patent Status:

U.S. Trademark registered Northern Tribute®

Licensing Status:

This cultivar is available for non-exclusive licensing.


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