'ND Heron' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-339)

ND Heron is a hard red spring wheat variety developed by North Dakota State University and was released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2022. It was derived from the cross of ND804/FREYR and has good disease resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB), bacterial blight, and common rust races. ND Heron is targeted for the western 1/2 of ND and SD and a large portion of Montana.

ND Heron has a competitive yield package coupled with high test weight and protein. It has excellent end-use quality that grain millers expect from an NDSU variety. ND Heron spring wheat would be a good fit for any spring wheat producer in that area.

To help ensure genetic purity, 'ND Heron' Hard Red Spring Wheat is protected under PVPA Title V (certificate no. pending) and must be sold as a class of certified seed.


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