Lavaburst® Ohio Buckeye - Aesculus glabra 'LavaDak' (RFM-76)


fall colorsA narrow upright northern hardy Ohio buckeye selection with shorter internode growth than typical for the species. Foliage shows greater resistance to leaf scorch than non-selected buckeyes and maintains a bright green summer color changing to orange-red in autumn. Compact growth habit makes this selection ideal for limited space planting sites where a full sized buckeye is not suitable.


USDA hardiness zone 3b-6

Mature Size:

Height: 25-28', Spread: 14-18'

Form (Shape):

Upright ovate

Growth Rate:

Slow-medium to medium


Summer: Bright Green
Autumn: Fall color change initiation in late September to early October with a gradual color change of scattered orange changing to entirely orange-red before leaf drop.




Terminal panicles bearing greenish cream-colored flowers and appearing with the foliage. Panicles are 4-5” in length, shorter than typical for the species. Short lived but attractive spring interest.


Yellow brown capsule, which are smaller than typical for the species and produced in lesser amounts.

Light Preference:

Full sun exposure

Soil Preference:

Adaptable but prefers a well-drained, non-droughty soil, tolerates higher pH levels.


Side or cleft graft onto seedling Aesculus rootstocks, best on A. glabra in northern climates to insure root hardiness.

Ornamental Attributes:

A dense, attractive canopy with good foliage quality and a showy autumn color change to orange-red before leaf fall. Upright form that is much narrower than other Aesculus cultivars.

Landscape Attributes:

Recommended for use as a landscape, boulevard, parks, and golf course tree.


This selection fills the need for a smaller, narrower buckeye for use in boulevard and landscape plantings where space is limited.

Patent Status

U.S. Trademark Registered Lavaburst®

Licensing Status

This cultivar is available for non-exclusive licensing.


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