Hyland Guard® Mountain Pine - Pinus uncinata 'GuarDak' (RFM-82)


A unique upright narrow pyramidal evergreen conifer that will reach a mature height that is taller than the currently available upright Mugo pine (Pinus mugo) cultivars. It originated from a population of Pinus uncinata collected from the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range of Eastern Sudetes in the northern Moravia region near the village of Rejvíz of the Czech Republic.


USDA hardiness zone 3 to 7

Mature Size:

Height: 26 to 28'
Spread: 6 to 8'

Form (Shape):

Upright, narrow pyramidal habit

Growth Rate:

Slow to Medium


Evergreen, forest green colored needles year-round persisting for five or more years. 1 to 2” long in pairs.




Monoecious, non-ornamental


1 to 2” ovoid cone, grayish black at maturity

Light Preferences:

Full sun to partial shade

Soil Preferences:

Well drained soils, pH adaptable and tolerant of higher pH soils. Tolerates clay and high calcareous soils.


Side grafting onto upright Pinus mugo seedlings or other compatible pine species.

Ornamental Attributes

This cultivar is an excellent choice for a taller vertical evergreen accent. Resistant to needle-burn.

Landscape Attributes:

Drought tolerant. Part-shade tolerant. Would make an excellent evergreen screen in part shade conditions.


Faster growing than standard mugo pine because of its mature height.


Oregon Pride Nurseries


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