'Glenn' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-121)



Glenn was developed by the NDSU hard red spring wheat (HRSW) breeding program and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in the spring of 2005. Glenn was selected from the progeny of the cross: ND2831/Steele-ND. The experimental HRSW line ND2831 is a derivative of Sumai3 and has Fusarium head blight (scab) resistance similar to ‘Alsen.’ The objective of this cross was to combine the scab resistance sources of Alsen and Steele-ND, along with high yield, excellent quality, and standability into one package.

Data collected during the testing period indicate that Glenn provides scab resistance and yield potential superior to Alsen, along with improved standability, an improved leaf disease package, and equal or slightly better milling and baking quality.

The improved scab resistance and yield advantage of Glenn is especially evident in areas where disease pressure is high (i.e. Eastern North Dakota). Glenn also exhibits exceptionally high test weight. Glenn appears to have the potential to provide producers with an alternative for ‘Alsen’.

To help ensure genetic purity, 'Glenn' wheat is protected by PVPA (certificate No. 200500280). 


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