'Faller' Hard Red Spring Wheat (RFP-144)



'Faller' hard red spring wheat, is expected to be best adapted to eastern and central North Dakota, western Minnesota and northeast South Dakota.

'Faller' has parentage that includes 'Amidon', 'Stoa', 'Kitt' and an NDSU experimental line derived from Sumai 3, a Chinese spring wheat that is the source of the fusarium head blight (scab) resistance in 'Alsen'.

'Faller' has a level of scab resistance similar to 'Alsen'. It also has a relatively low DON level. 'Faller' has an excellent leaf disease resistance package, particularly stem and leaf rust.

'Faller' has excellent yield potential under more optimum growing conditions. In three years of tests in eastern and central North Dakota, Faller yielded an average of 12.7 bushels per acre more than 'Alsen' and 9.7 bushels per acre more than Briggs. In trials at drier locations in western North Dakota, 'Faller' yielded less than 'Alsen', 'Howard', 'Steele-ND' and 'Reeder'.

'Faller' is a semidwarf line with maturity and straw strength about equal to 'Alsen'. It has slightly lower protein and test weight than recent NDSU releases, but is still in a very acceptable range and the milling and baking parameters are good.

'Faller' is named after Jim Faller, who had been a technician in the NDSU hard red spring wheat breeding program for 29 years. Jim, originally from Dickinson, lost a courageous battle with cancer in August 2006.

To help ensure genetic purity, 'Faller' is protected by PVPA (certificate No. 200700328).

The North Dakota Wheat Commission provided some of the funding for the development of 'Faller'.


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