Emerald Flare® Tianshan Birch - Betula tianschanica 'EmerDak' (RFM-77)


A distinctive birch selection, which grows in a narrowly pyramidal form. Attractive white exfoliating bark with gray and slight orange undertones. Cold hardy and tolerant of higher pH soils and drought.

birch tree trunk


USDA hardiness zones 4a-6, 3b with trial 

Mature Size:

Height: 30'  Spread: 12'

Form (Shape):

Upright, narrowly pyramidal habit.

Growth Rate:

Medium to Fast


Summer: Medium emerald-green color. Autumn: Bright golden-yellow




Monoecious, male and female flowers are catkins. Not ornamental.


Strobiles which release small winged nutlets at maturity. Not ornamental.

Light Preferences:

Full sun to very light shade.

Soil Preferences:

Performs best in well-drained soil and is tolerant of higher pH soils without chlorosis.


Side graft on compatible rootstocks, tissue culture.

Ornamental Attributes:

Emerald Flare® has dark green foliage throughout the season. The slight exfoliating white bark is extremely showy and adds significant seasonal interest.

Landscape Attributes:

Recommended use in limited space landscapes for vertical accent elements or specimen tree. It is recommended that trees be mulched and supplementary water supplied in stressful sites. Mulch will assist with winter protection in exposed locations or colder zones.


Summer foliage is of high quality without blemishes resulting from birch leafminer or leaf spot. During summer drought conditions, Emerald Flare® exhibits no foliar stress symptoms such as leaf scorch or early leaf drop which is seen on many other birch species.

Patent Status:

U.S. Trademark registered - Emerald Flare® 

Licensing Status:

This cultivar is available for non-exclusive licensing.




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