'Dakota Pearl' Potato (RFP-49)


'Dakota Pearl' was tested under pedigree number ND2676-10 and was selected as a seedling in 1985 from a cross between the North Dakota advanced selections ND1118-1 and ND944-6. The initial cross was made in 1984 at NDSU. The cultivar 'Norchip' is in the ancestry of 'Dakota Pearl'. 'Dakota Pearl' was derived from the hybridization of two advanced North Dakota potato selections, a phenotypic recurrent selection technique was utilized in its development.



Plant Variey Protection

PVP Certificate No. 200000232 issued April 9, 2007


Cold chipping and tablestock potential. 'Dakota Pearl' has shown high rating for chip color.

Yield Potential

Medium to high


Medium, vigorus and semi-erect vine with white flowers


Round, smooth bright white skin with white flesh and shallow eyes



Specific Gravity

Medium (1.080 average)


Low sugar acculation in storage; chips from 42F


Sugar accumulation in storage; some preferential avoidance by Colorado Potato Beetle


Susceptible to foliar and tuber late blight, and bacterial ring rot.

Other Comments

'Dakota Pearl' is a medium maturing cultivar with vigorous, semi-erect growth habit and white flowers. It sheds abundant pollen and can be used as either a male or female parent in a breeding program.
Tubers are round and uniform with bright-white skin, shallow eyes, and a low percentage of external defects.

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