'Joppa' Durum (RFP-217)



'Joppa' was developed by the NDSU Durum Breeding Program and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2013. 'Joppa' is a very high yielding durum variety with excellent agronomic traits. From 2008-2014 'Joppa’s mean yield was the highest across North Dakota at 64.0 bushels/acre, nearly 3 bushels/acre more than the second highest yielding variety.

Pasta quality characteristics of 'Joppa' include very high dough and gluten strength, high gluten index, and outstanding color. Compared with other popular varieties, 'Joppa' was rated highest in pasta color tested by the NDSU Durum Quality Lab of samples grown at multiple North Dakota locations during 2008-2012. This variety also scores high on the mixograph scale.

'Joppa' has medium straw strength and a good disease resistance package including scab (FHB) resistance similar to other NDSU varieties. In comparison with 'Mountrail', the longstanding industry standard variety, 'Joppa has higher yield and better quality traits. The gluten strength of 'Joppa' is a notable improvement over 'Mountrail'. 'Joppa' also consistently out-yields 'Mountrail' in variety trials across the state.

'Joppa' was named in honor of Dr. Leonard Joppa, the renowned USDA durum research geneticist. Dr. Joppa made significant contributions to the improvement of durum wheat quality.

To help ensure genetic purity, 'Joppa' durum has been protected under PVPA Title V (certificate No. 201400485) and must be sold as a class of certified seed.


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